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Shopkins Little Secret Series 2 Wave 2 Locket (Rodeo Smoothie)

P 299.75


  • Discover the secrets of the magical lockets and unlock a miniature world of party surprises!
  • Be amazed at what the Teeny Shoppies and their Tiny Shopkins find inside their shop lockets!
  • There are so many things to play with and surprises to discover! You are invited to picnic with Queenie Hearts inside her Wonderland locket.
  • Discover what the smiling cat is hiding and open up a mini world that will amaze you! With so many secrets to discover.
  • What will you find in the picnic basket and which Tiny Shopkin will you meet?
  • This Locket really is a place of wonder!
  • All New Playsets to explore!
  • Six lockets to collect. Wear them and take the fun wherever you go!

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