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PS4 Contra: Rogue Corps (R3)

P 1,899.00


  • CONTRA: ROGUE CORPS is a twin stick, third-person action game drawing upon its roots in fast and focused combat. From the director of CONTRA III: THE ALIEN WARS and CONTRA: HARD CORPS, Nobuya Nakazato instills more than 25 years of franchise pedigree into CONTRA: ROGUE CORPS with enormous crazed enemies, over-the-top violence, and a cast of diverse playable characters that add to the irreverent tone of the game.
  • Action shooter with fast-paced, run & gun style gameplay.
  • Choose from 4 diverse characters with their own unique skills and specialty attacks - determine weapons load out, customise and craft unique weapons and create a perfect symphony of destruction throughout the Damned City.
  • Operation Room - Upgrade characters and abilities, augmenting each with improved organs and cybernetics.
  • PVE - Deep single player Story campaign mode chock-full of challenging missions among hordes of enemies. Go solo or group with up to 4 friends or random players online* in multi-player.
  • PVP - Create custom matches (private mode) for 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 or 1vs4 players.
  • Local Couch CO-OP modes with up to 4 players.
  • Four diverse characters with their own unique skills and specialty attacks; Kaiser - A soldier from the Alien Wars that has a massive arm that transforms into a drill. Ms Harakiri - Famed assassin specialising in stealth and infiltration. Hungry Beast - Once the noted (human) scientist Kurt Steiner, he had his brain inserted into a giant cyborg panda. And Gentleman - Brain Bug alien raised by humans.

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