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Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Captain America 6 inch Action Figure with Motorcycle

P 2,000.00


  • An ideal addition to any Marvel Legends Series collection, this premium Captain America action figure includes comic-inspired accessories like Cap’s shield and helmet.
  • Cap’s World War II-inspired motorcycle features amazing details like an exposed engine, weathered paintwork, and saddlebags.
  • Imagine Steve Rogers suiting up as Captain America and racing into action on his awesome army green motorcycle. Fans can bring classic comic book panels to life and imagine new adventures with this premium Marvel Comics-inspired Captain America action figure.
  • This figure’s premium deco and poseability will delight fans of Captain America and Marvel Comics.
  • Look for other Marvel Legends Series figures with vehicles, including Professor X and Deadpool! (Figures each sold separately. Subject to availability).
  • Includes: figure, vehicle, and 2 accessories.
  • Figure is measured approximately 6 inches.
  • Recommended Age: 4 years old and up.

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