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Hot Wheels Track Builder Deluxe Stunt Box

P 3,499.75


  • The Hot Wheels Track Builder Deluxe Stunt Box is the ultimate gift for kids who want endless stunting with over 15 feet of track, connectors and curves! The box is part of the fun too.
  • There's a 2-to-1 racing lane at the bottom of the box, and a 4-way crash zone built right into the lid for crashing and smashing action!
  • When kids are finished building their stunts and track all the pieces can go back into the box for later.
  • Thrilling single player action and an epic challenge when playing with friends.
  • The Deluxe Stunt Box is jam-Packed with everything kids need to crash, smash and stunt!
  • Fuel their imagination and problem solving with 3+ inspired ways to build and play.
  • Easy storage for cleanup and portability for fun with friends.
  • Kids can create awesome configurations like the Rally Cross, Head to Head and Side by Side racing and more!
  • Includes a base (the box), track pieces, banked curves, crash zone lid, launchers, diverter and two vehicles.

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