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Transformers Cyberverse Power of the Spark 12 inch Figure (Optimus Prime)

P 1,000.00


  • The race to find the Allspark is on between the heroic Autobots and evil Decepticons on the Cyberverse animated series!
  • Combine, convert, and power up! Combine the included Ark Power vehicle with Optimus Prime to convert him into his powered-up mode: Ark Power Optimus Prime.
  • Easy Transformers conversion for kids 6 and up! Convert Optimus Prime toy from truck to robot mode in 11 steps, then combine with his Ark Power vehicle to armor-up figure.
  • Classic red and blue Optimus Prime toy robot inspired by the legendary Autobot leader from the Transformers Cyberverse cartoon.
  • In the G1-inspired Cyberverse series, giant Transformers robots from the planet Cybertron engage in epic battles, harnessing the power of the Allspark to create Spark Armor!
  • Kids can imagine unleashing this new ability with this Spark Armor figure!
  • Includes Cyberverse Spark Armor Ark Power Optimus Prime figure, Ark Power Spark Armor, and instructions.
  • Figure is measured approximately 12 inches.

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