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Barbie Dreamtopia Color Magic Mermaid 12 inch Doll

P 700.00


  • ​Barbie® and Crayola® help young artists dive into design!
  • Barbie™ Dreamtopia Color Magic Mermaid Doll comes with washable Crayola® color wands that can be used to decorate Barbie® doll's bodice, tail and fin over and over again! Simply erase one drawing using the rainbow-colored cloth and start again.
  • Three different Crayola® color wands mean endless possibilities for customization -- choose from pink, blue and purple; use one or all three!
  • ​To start a new look, use the included cloth (with a rainbow print) to wipe a design away and create a clean slate -- draw a pattern, unique design or cool graphic and color in.
  • ​Accessorize with the pink tiara and blue sea-inspired necklace for fantasy finishing touches; they look fabulous with her purple-streaked blonde hair!
  • ​With the ability to start over and over again, this color-on mermaid doll makes a great gift for young artists, designers and other creatives!
  • Includes Barbie mermaid doll with color-on bodice, tail and fin; three Crayola washable color wands, rainbow wipe cloth and tiara.
  • Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

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