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Toys“R”Us Asia Celebrates Geoffrey’s Birthday
And Invites the Toys”R”Us Kids to
Explore A World Of Imaginary Friends and Possibilities

Goeffrey's Day

Toys“R”Us, Asia’s leading toy, baby and education products retailer with a focus on fun and developmental play, is celebrating its mascot, Geoffrey the giraffe’s, birthday. For decades, Toys“R”Us and Geoffrey have been helping children and families to use the power of their imagination to learn and grow. As the world enters a new era of technology driven developmental play, it’s time to take a moment and celebrate the ever-evolving and pioneering giraffe.

Geoffrey The Giraffe: A legend and beloved kids’ icon
Formally known as Dr. G. Raffe, Geoffrey made his first public debut as the Toys“R”Us official mascot in 1950. In the 1960’s he was renamed Geoffrey and became the official Toys“R”Us “spokesgiraffe”. As the legend goes, Geoffrey was once an ordinary giraffe, until one night where he was dazzled by the night sky and decided to stretch his long neck and reach for the stars. At that moment, his coat transformed into one filled with stars and thus Geoffrey became a magical giraffe with a lifelong quest of making new friends and infusing fun into everything he touches. Since then he has introduced new toys to children and families all across the world every year, and has become the undisputable pioneer of play.

2019: Celebrating Geoffrey’s Birthday
This year Toys“R”Us Asia is celebrating Geoffrey’s Day by bringing to life a birthday celebration squad, designed by children across Asia and based on the childs’ own imaginary friends.

Walk into Toys“R”Us in Robinsons Galleria, Magnolia and Metro East in the Philippines and turn on your Facebook augmented reality filter and begin searching for the hidden birthday celebration squad, who will unlock Geoffrey’s Goofy gang to celebrate his birthday with him. Angelove and Chef Dino are just 2 of the 14 imaginary friends you can find, hidden all over the store. Other drawings you can hunt inside the store are the winning entries from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and China Once you’ve found and scanned all the imaginary friends, with just a minimum spend of P500, you can win a Surprise Treat! Limited Stocks Available. Hurry! Dash to our stores until October 20 to try the Geoffreys AR Game!

Check out the winning entries from Toys”R”Us Philippines

“AngeLove” by our Toys”R”Us Kid, Kiel. Its’ super power is to heal a lonely and sad heart.


Angel Love

Meet Seandhael’s Imaginary Friend – “Dino the Chef”.Dino the Chef is loving, bubbly and loves to cook. Its special power is to make everyone’s tummy full. Surely, will be hungry around him!


Dino CheckAngel Love

Aside from creating a fun family afternoon of play, the game was designed to help children with visual coordination, and of course, to be inspired by others’ creative, imaginary friends. Post pictures of yourself or your kid immersed in Geoffrey’s World of imagination, using the hashtag #GeoffreysDay19


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